P360 Collagen Peptides, SUPERBONE Bone Broth & More….

MicroMeals – Functional Food with Purpose
High Protein | Low Carb | Full of Flavour

MicroMeals – High Protein Collagen Range

  • P360 –   Unflavoured Hydrolysed Collagen Protein Peptides
  • SUPERBONE –   Rich Natural Chicken Bone Broth infused with P360
  • HI-PRO SOUP High Protein Instant Soups infused with P360 (coming soon)
  • SUPERSEED High Protein Super Seed Nut Bites infused with P360 (coming soon)


Right Now you can enjoy these absolutely amazing FOODS (yes they are essential foods they are not supplements!!!)
There is so much more coming soon, just in time for winter – I am sooo excited!!!  It all takes time, effort and money to research, formulate, develop and produce these amazing products tailored to help you heal yourself inside and out. Watch this space, there are soo many exciting things happening in the R&D department for MicroMeals, we will also be offering mini edu courses for you all about functional food, cooking, recipes etc…

Sooooo… What does Collagen Actually Do… I am sure you have heard about it.. Well just to give you the quick run down, here is a brief overview… 

Daily ingestion of P360 Collagen Protein Peptides & SUPERBONE  Bone Broth flood your body with several unique amino acid collagen structures to target specific areas & help YOUR body stimulate it’s own production of collagen all around the body. Wherever it is needed in so many different colleagous cells such as;  the gut, brain, muscle,  bone,  nerve, gland, blood vessels and organs in your body from head to toe. They are there to help you nourish,  renew,  protect, optimise, calm, detoxify, strengthen and heal your body.  (Eg. Skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, blood, brain, lungs, liver, bladder, kidneys, heart, stomach, gut, eyes, ears, nose, thyroid & adrenals – where do you need it?) – YOU NEED P360 & SUPERBONE IN YOUR LIFE!!

WARNING – NOT ALL COLLAGEN PRODUCTS ARE CREATED EQUAL – Our P360 Product is 100% Hydrolysed Collagen Protein Peptides – NOTHING ELSE. We haven’t added fillers or other ingredients to “fluff” it up.


Food & Portion Control
Whether you have just had  (WLS) Weight Loss Surgery, need a reset, need portion control in your life, just too busy, don’t like cooking, suck at food prep, are on the road a lot, shift & office workers who are isolated, on the run or time poor or YOU are just craving a Healthy, No Fuss & Convenient Meal Solution with a Huge Variety of Micro Sized Meals – MicroMeals is here for you!!!


MicroMeals – Premium DIY Dry Blends – Coming Soon
Our Premium DIY Dry Blend Seasonings are a quick and convenient solution to bring out the best of your culinary skills as we want to give you the tools to bring out your inner chef and blow your friends and family away with Flavour Drenched Restaurant Quality meals in under 15mins with easy and simple to follow instructions on how to cook up our amazing MicroMeals.
We understand that everyone has different goals when it comes to food, some people want to lose weight, other wish to gain weight, others are not that fussed and just want delicious food that doesn’t require a degree and a fridge & pantry full of weird and obscure ingredients that you have never used before


MicroMeals – Frozen Meal Solutions (FMS) – Coming Soon
All of your Favourite Meals without the Carb Comas
Our Tasty & Healthy Flavour Drenched Small Portion Frozen Meal Range has been  tailored to people who have had Weight Loss Surgery  & Busy people who Love Variety & Convenience.  Our Frozen Meal Solutions (FMS) are packed Full of Flavour, High Protein, Low Carb (Low Sugar), Low Calorie,  have been made with REAL high quality fresh ingredients & frozen for your convenience.

~ Thai ~ Japanese ~ Indian ~ Chinese ~ European ~ Soups ~
~ Mediterranean ~ Aussie ~ Traditional ~ Mexican ~ USA ~
MicroMeals From ALL Over the World!!


Did you know we cater for a wide variety of communities & industries including;
* New & Existing WLS patients who are doing the 9wks of food phases from Soups/Puree/Soft to Normal Portion Controlled High Protein Meals as well as those want to do the 4wk reset
* Eating Disorder Rehabilitation Communities
* Aged Care/Retirement Estates/Seniors & Grey Nomads that Love Travelling this great country
* Everyday Aussies who are  just craving a Healthy, No Fuss & Convenient Meal Solution with a Huge Variety of Micro Sized Meals or those just embarking on the wide world of portion control

WHY MICROMEALS – We want to educate you on the benefits of our P360 collagen, help you curb the cravings,  lose weight & develop a healthy mindset,  get portion control right once and for all,  up your protein,  get healthier,  embrace a high protein low carb lifestyle,  have an easy convenient healthy go to breaky like me,  experience  some gut loving goodness of SUPERBONE bone broth,  share insight, knowledge, recipes and experiences, be there for a chat, connect you to others or what have you…  we are here for you.