ph360 uses complex algorithms developed by our researchers to translate the distinct relationship between your body’s measurements and physical traits to its physical functions, hormone secretions, metabolism, and lifestyle preferences.
ph360 uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypic and epigenetic profile.
ph360 pulls data from many sciences and technologies, integrating ancient wisdom and cutting edge discoveries.

What is meant by Personalized Medicine & Epigenetics?

Personalized healthcare is using the latest scientific and clinical research, tools and technologies to identify the unique genetic and epigenetic protective factors and risk factors of each individual. Understanding this allows us to provide evidence-based modifications of these factors to prevent and reverse disease states. Over the last 2 decades, technology and health research has developed to a point where truly individual recommendations are now possible.

Significant changes in the landscape of both health research and clinical practice are being driven by consumer demand for more personalized management, and the technological advancements allowing the application of genetic-based integrative lifestyle medicine.

In the coming years, this level of management will be an expected standard of care delivered by clinicians and the major focus for human health research.

Below is a broad overview of some of the sciences incorporated into ph360. Links will take you to more information from specialists and leaders in each of these fields.


Clinical application of Personalised Health & Epigenetics

Designed for inspiring and driven allied health professionals to learn and integrate the most up-to-date personalised health science & technology into their practice for enhanced client results and business outcomes

Evidence-Based Health Intelligence

ph360 provides professional development in personalised health and it’s application to practice. Using the insights from the evidence-based ph360 platform and app, trained clinicians are able to assess and understand each client’s specific needs based on their unique phenotype (gene expression).

The understanding gained from this course will enable much deeper insights into a client’s physiological basis of health & disease. Through the advanced clinical platform and app (Shae) plus discipline specific professional development, the educational pathways support the application of precise, personalised guidance in the areas of nutrition, exercise, mindset and environment.

Who should be involved?

The ph360 Mastery series and associated educational pathways are designed for allied health professionals determined to make a difference in every client’s life, whilst having a positive impact on their industry.

The course is suitable for all allied health professionals including, but not limited to:

  • Dietitians & Nutritionists
  • Naturopaths
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers/Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Nurses & Practice Nurses
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Scientists & Researchers
  • Academics & Educators

Personalisation of health interventions is recognised as the future of disease management and performance enhancement. This course is designed to develop knowledge of an epigenetics based model of care that better supports the individual needs of each client. It is intended that allied health practitioners will increase their knowledge and confidence to practice in the treatment of lifestyle related conditions

The future of healthcare is personalisation

To lead to major breakthroughs in the reversal of chronic disease and pain by the year 2050

Effective treatment for chronic and other lifestyle disease require:

  • Accurate diagnosis through an understanding of disease pathways
  • An understanding of an individual’s unique needs (genetics and epigenetics), and;
  • Support that inspires sustained behaviour change.
“Nowadays, it’s not about whether a certain food, exercise or therapy being is considered ‘healthy’, it’s whether or not that intervention is going to be appropriate for the individual. Even kale or ‘going for a run’ can be contraindicated in certain individuals at certain times. It’s time to focus on what the individual needs, and adjusting the intervention to match the changes seen in the client”

Dr Cam McDonald

Lead educator & clinician for ph360 Health Professionals, Australia

The science & practice of ph360

Over 20 years of real world data of over 50000+ cases, and an international panel of experts specialising in over 15 different areas of health science have been involved in the creation of the ph360 platform and app, Shae™. It is designed to ensure that the right scientific principles are provided to the right individual, and to eliminate the ‘trial and error’ approach. Used in conjunction with clinical observations and experience, the ph360 platform and the accompanying education through the Mastery Series will enhance accuracy and consistency for all allied and medical health professionals.

ph360 Technology for Allied Health Professionals

Becoming a trained ph360 health professional will provide you with clinical access to the leading personalised health & epigenetic platform, ‘Shae’. Shae integrates into any allied health business or consultation model. The information delivered is designed to assist by providing greater accuracy of assessment, precision in intervention and more comprehensive care for each individual. Coupled with industry leading business integration support, it gives each trained clinician the tools to simultaneously increase revenue and client results.

Assess Gene Expression

A simple, non-invasive 30 minute assessment of your clients gene expression, that can be performed in clinic, during a consultation or training session, meaning you always have the most accurate data available for each of your clients unique needs.

Mindset and Motivation

Gain insights into the biology of behaviour. Upskill in the understanding of brain function, how it varies between individuals, and how understanding these differences lead to faster and more sustained behaviour change. Remove the guesswork from behaviour change coaching, and apply the right principle to the right person

Intelligent Personalised Insights

Support your current interventions with detailed information on personalised nutrition (specific foods & recipes), movement (timing & type), and environment, optimised to your client’s current health needs. Consider 10,000 epigenetic correlates with the touch of a button

Why timing matters

The science of chronobiology made simple. Understand how the latest evidence in food, exercise and cognitive function timing can dramatically alter the effectiveness of your intervention.

Health Professional Community & Support

Join a global network of health professionals applying epigenetics in practice. Benefit from the collective experience of 10’s of thousands of clients, plus an almost inexhaustible professional resource centre to fast track your learning, enhancement of client results, and business outcomes.

Take care like never before

Add an extra level of support to your clients’ interventions and allow Shae to provide around the clock support to your clients through push notifications and health reminders specific to their needs. As a coach, gain clinical access to see each person’s personalised data and communicate in real time.

Enhance your clinical practice. Maximise your results. With ph360.

Mastery Series for Allied Health Professionals

This 8-week course is designed to update clinicians in:

  • The essential sciences of personalised lifestyle medicine: chronobiology, personalised exercise & nutrition, neuropsychology, endocrinology, semeiotics and exposomics
  • Determining the foundational differences between individuals through quantification of their phenotype (gene expression)
  • How quantification of these differences in phenotype allow prediction of appropriate lifestyle interventions
  • The practical application of these principles with patients

The course content draws from an extensive evidence base and 20 years of real world clinical data, and delivered in a way that makes the information engaging, detailed and usable. It is designed for allied health professionals who are seeking a more comprehensive resource for their clients health and disease outcomes.


No more “shot-in-the-dark” solutions for your nutrition, exercise and even lifestyle needs…
This is your personal, 360-degree customized platform – with unbelievable FULL access to…
You know how the health and diet industry all have their specific solutions…
You have one specialist telling you that “tomatoes are a kind of poison that will give you cancer” and another one saying “tomatoes provide antioxidants and prevent cancer.”
They say that “carrot juice” has too much sugar and orange juice is too acidic.
There is “scientific proof” of certain foods that increase metabolism. Then, the next day, a different expert shares their version of research which proves the opposite.
Should you be eating Paleo? Raw? High Protein? High Fat? Juice Fasts? Cleanses?
Ugh… it’s enough to make you want to give up, isn’t it?
No matter how hard we try to eat right, the data is changing so fast and all these “specialists” are arguing that their way is the best.
Matt Riemann, Personal Health Pioneer & Futurist, Founder of ph360 (“ph” stands for Personal Health), has created the world’s first Smart Health program.
You read that correctly… It is a “SMART” program that addresses YOUR personal physical body in its current state of health (or disease) AND your genetic makeup.
This is the most comprehensive, all-encompassing platform for achieving vibrant health, mental clarity, sharpening your senses, strengthening your beautiful body, and so much more.
AND… This platform changes as you change…
The pH360 program actually adapts to your exercise and eating habits for the rest of your life.
As you change, as you improve, as you get healthier on this amazing ph360 adventure, this program adapts and changes food, exercise & lifestyle insights to support you each step of the way.
This is truly an evergreen solution to address any health troubles you’ve been working through.
And it helps stop the genetic probabilities of disease by turning off the genes that can cause trouble and turning on the genes that contribute to vibrant health.


It takes into account that each of our needs are uniquely different…


ph360 uses complex algorithms, developed by a team of expert researchers, to translate the distinct relationship between your body’s shape and physical traits with its physical functions, hormone secretions, metabolism, and lifestyle preferences.
ph360 also uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s ratios), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypic and epigenetic profile (pioneering advancements in future health).
Through these specific measurements, it finds YOU precisely where you are and delivers a specific, customized program for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that suits EXACTLY you!
This is simply one of the most unique programs you will ever experience.

How It Works

ph360 puts you in control with simple, actionable, and personalized food, exercise, and lifestyle advice you can use every day. AND, whenever your body changes, ph360 changes your results.
Unlike diets and health plans that are one-size-fits-all, ph360 uses your unique assessment and measurements to deliver suggestions that work with you, rather than against you and your epigenetic profile.
By following your individualized lifestyle options, you will soon find that the things once very difficult for you actually become easier.
ph360 targets not only the most efficient ways for you to reach your personal health and lifestyle goals, but it also targets the ways in which you will stay motivated throughout the process.
As you make progress towards your goals, ph360 works dynamically to reward your achievements and encourage new benchmarks.
Why do we need personalised health?


Most countries now face a growing and costly chronic disease burden.  Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Disease rates from these conditions are accelerating globally, advancing across every region and pervading all socioeconomic classes. The World Health Report “2002: Reducing risks, promoting healthy life” showed that the mortality, morbidity and disability attributed to the major chronic diseases currently account for almost 60% of all deaths and 43% of the global burden of disease. By 2020 their contribution is expected to rise to 73% of all deaths and 60% of the global burden of disease. Moreover, 79% of the deaths attributed to these diseases occur in the developing countries (1).


Health care costs are not only direct costs of treatments, drugs or services which are currently counted but can be borne by a range of stakeholders across the community, including community support groups, local businesses, families, carers and individuals within region.  The costs are tangible to people in such things as out-of-pocket costs and gap payments, travel and accommodation costs, loss of income to individuals and families etc.  But costs are also intangible, both to our community and individual families including areas such as family unit stress and social disadvantage. The resulting social impacts including mental health, domestic violence, addictions, chronic disease, and the resulting increased dependency and reliance on welfare payments and associated community support.


It is becoming increasingly clear that a development in our modern health care is required to match the growing disease burden and health needs of a rapidly changing and complex world.  Evidence based environmental and lifestyle modification is proving to be the most clinically and economically effective therapeutic tool for prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases.  For example; hypertension, coronary artery disease (CAD), atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), chronic pain disorders and even early prostate cancer have evidence to show that they can be completely or partially reversed with lifestyle and environmental modifications.  The current body of evidence for disease prevention is more substantial with estimates that 80% of CAD and type 2 diabetes are preventable and conservatively at least 33% of cancers (2).  These are outcomes that no pharmaceutical agent can achieve at a fraction of the cost of current therapy regimes.  Evidence is growing rapidly for the treatment and prevention of further chronic diseases like  a range of cancers, autoimmune disorders, alzheimer’s disease and  gastrointestinal disease using cost effective and evidence based environmental and lifestyle modification.


Throughout history the practice of medicine has largely been through trial and error.  We have not fully understood the genetic and environmental factors that cause major diseases and hence our efforts to prevent and treat these diseases are often imprecise, unpredictable and ineffective.  The therapies we devise are tested on broad populations and are prescribed using statistical averages. Consequently, they work for some patients but not for many others, due to genetic differences among the population. On average, any given prescription drug now on the market only works for half of those who take it.


By collating the latest research and utilising the latest technologies personalised health care has the capacity to identify the genetic tendencies to identify the onset of disease at its earliest stages and identify therapeutic high-yield areas.  By correlating these tendencies with epigenetic and environmental modifications of individuals we can increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the health care system by reversing chronic disease pathology and improving quality, accessibility, affordability and avoiding the adverse effects of modern drug and procedural interventions.


What is ph360 in the context of Personalised Health?


Ph360 is a philosophy that everyone is different. When this is understood by a health professional, they are then able to start designing a program and intervention that is specific to the individual. The difficulty in providing this advice can be the calculation of the factors associated with the epigenetic requirements of the individual.
ph360 is a revolutionary and comprehensive personalised health platform that gives you information on what you need to do to optimise your health right now. The information it delivers gives you specifics of your best foods, exercise regime, sleep schedule, climate, and an in-depth understanding of your brain at work, socially and in general function.


Rather than giving you a whole lot of information about your genes that doesn’t make sense, (e.g. you have the GG CYP1A2 variant…what do I do next?), ph360 gives you the specific action to take, i.e. the timing and type of foods that will support your optimal energy and brain function levels, your best time to sleep and then wake up, and so much more. ph360 interacts with the application Shae – Virtual Health Assistant. Shae digs into your ph360 profile and prompts you throughout the day with health tips personalised to your genes, and your current health.
How does it work?


Your health test includes measures of your body, questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment and lifestyle. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process, calculated using a combination of Western genetics and Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic principles, and this data is then used to calculate your current state of health and corresponding health advice. In short, it measures your genes, how they are currently behaving, and guidance on what to do to put your genes in their optimal state.
ph360 is not a new science. Rather, ph360 is the culmination of the current scientific literature and filters that science for relevance depending on an individual’s current condition and genetic background. As the literature base grows, so do the outputs of ph360 to ensure validity and currency.
The genetic information held within our DNA can be seen in our physiology in some form or another. Genes code for the size and thickness of our bones, how much and where we hold fat & muscle tissue, the colour of our eyes, hair, skin, the way we physically develop as children, the diseases of which we are at greater risk, and many others. When these and other factors are assessed through specific combinations of correlations, the gene variants within an individual can be calculated. This method has been complex to establish and requires advanced technology to process and integrate, however, an international team working for 2 decades on research and software development have informed the basis for what are now trusted methods of determining phenotype and the resulting individual requirements.
Both the measures and the questionnaire used as part of the assessment in ph360 have been mapped to the genome using existing data from an international consortium focussing on genetic research. The combination of genetic mapping and quantifying phenotype gives information on neural activity correlated to EEG measures, hormonal dominance, nutrigenomic requirements and chronobiological and biomechanical considerations. This information is used to inform a more comprehensive picture of both disease risk, current health state, and recommended actions for improvement of condition.
This calculations performed are constantly updated and revised using new findings as they come to light to adjust and add quantifiable metrics and therapeutic recommendations.
Understanding and applying personalised health is appropriate for all levels of health professionals. The level of ability for each practitioner to apply these principles are guided by their professional scope of practice. Practitioners currently applying personalised health through the use of ph360 include:
Training for health professionals is provided through national and international courses and workshops, which can be found here.  Once the primary courses are completed we provide ongoing professional development through online content, webinars and advanced training workshops.  The level of training eventually acquired depends on your existing professional position and scope of practice.
The mission of ph360 Health Professionals
We aim to provide access for current and aspiring health professionals to educate themselves in, and practice, the best level of evidence-based Personalised Health possible.
Our Goals:
To provide the tools and resources that allow the most accurate & effective health guidance for health professionals and their clients.
To provide education and opportunities to support the growth and sustainability of the health professionals’ business.

ph360 Success Stories

Julie Peach

“My skin is smooth… my candida is gone….”
For 12 years I’ve helped clear the built-up toxins of processed food and environmental pollution from the bodies of my friends, clients, and also myself. Hello! My name is Julie Peach, and I own Energetic Wellness in Boise Idaho. I chose the Healing Arts because I was the most toxic person I have ever met. My skin wasn’t smooth, my eyesight fluctuated, my ears were plugged, my hair was thinning, my memory waned, my nails were brittle, and I had Candida issues.
All this was happening to a staunch vegetarian who consumed raw foods, meditated daily, and received chiropractic care. I believed I was doing the best I could to rid myself of the toxic waste that hampered my overall health as my energy reserves continued to shrink. I was at a loss until a friend shared ph360, which focuses on family heritage/ethnicity, and your body’s structure, condition, and health.
I was so impressed that within days I filled out the questionnaire and accepted the results. Within 24 hours I began to eat meat, steam cooked most of my food, and eliminated caffeine, bread, sugar, and dairy. At first I experienced a slight headache, a further slump in energy, and some body aches. But I was determined and stuck to the eating and exercise plan. After two weeks I re-measured myself and more protein rich foods were added to my plan.
It has now been two months and the results are as follows: My memory is sharper, my skin is smooth, my color has improved, my eyesight is steady, my nails are stronger, my hair is fuller, and my candida is gone.
I am so thankful to finally have a tailored life plan that is enjoyable and truly works that I now use it to help my friends, clients, and family to take charge and improve their lives. Thanks to all those who brought ph360 the World!

Paul Hart

“I lost 30lbs in 2 months!”
ph360 is not a diet – it’s so much more! It’s all tailor made for you. I lost 30lbs in 2 months, I’ve been following the workouts and the food, but I changed some other things in my life that really helped too. I’m running longer, I can do more reps, more sets – I look good, I feel good. ph360 will make you believe in yourself.

Linda Anderson

“After 4 days… my hair quit falling out!”
Problem – hair loss… For about 10 years I have had an issue with hair loss, which had been getting worse as time when on. It also was getting more brittle and dry and breaking. Every day I would have more hair in my brush and less on my head… Afraid I might need to look at wigs… I knew there was a natural way to address this. I tried different diets, knowing it had to do with nutrition. I tried a raw diet, vegetarian diet, sugar free, gluten free, supplements, herbs, homeopathics, oils, etc…
I was invited to a PH360 meeting. What Matt and Bex shared made so much sense – I decided to try it, as I had nothing to lose. After four days of eating the way my body needed, my brush didn’t have the hair in it that it usually had. I didn’t believe what I saw, BUT… the next day the same thing happened – my hair quit falling out!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! My hair is getting better every day… I am so grateful and I highly recommend that everyone look at this program.

Lourdes Varas

“I haven’t had a headache in a whole month..”
Since starting ph360 I haven’t had a headache in a whole month – before I would have at least 2 and a migraine to top it off – also my mood has improved a lot – I don’t come home all stressed out and grouchy.

Angie Johnsey

“My energy levels and happiness are remarkably higher”
The most profound difference is the way I feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Just from learning about myself and making simple food changes, my energy levels and happiness levels are remarkably higher. The ph360 system has me excited to make change instead of feeling like I have to make a change.
You read that correctly. Matt is waiving $100 from the price. Normally, this would cost $297 for a year membership; now you can have 1 whole year of FULL access for only $197!


Why would you want to have a whole year of FULL access?
  • Because you will never have to go on another diet or nutritional program ever again.
  • This is your genetic match on nutrition, environment and food for the rest of your time here on this planet.
  • Your phenotype is the way your genes look in action—it’s who you are when you look in the mirror. The color of your hair, texture of your skin, the length of your bones, your height.
  • Your phenotype is affected by what scientists call epi-genetics (things outside of your genes).
  • Epigenetic factors describe elements that influence the expression of your genes from the outside, such as the environment in which you grew up and the unique stressors you experience.
  • These epigenetic factors can actually change the way your genes express themselves, altering your phenotype—and your resulting Body Profile.
  • Your unique Body Profile will help ph360 project hormone and neurotransmitter activity, and deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It then provides information about how this may influence your diet, activity, mind and lifestyle interactions.
These suggestions are based on correlating tens of thousands of data points for your optimal wellbeing.
ph360 considers the expression of certain genes through the measurement and analysis of specific physical features.
These features are measured in terms of shape, length, body mass index, and many other proven ratios.
While a genetic analysis may indicate predispositions for disease, a phenotypic analysis measures real ratios and current health indicators.
This insight allows ph360 to create personalized lifestyle insights and to help you reach your lifestyle goals.





What to eat, when to eat it, what to avoid, and how to best prepare your meals



Find out which exercises best suit your body when your workout is specifically designed by your body



Unravel your body clock and find out the best places for your body to feel relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated



Discover your natural talents and the activities that will keep you in flow



Learn who energizes you and who may drain you to keep the balance and strength you need for a healthy life



Your ideal options for sleeping, breathing, mindfulness and much more

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The Science Behind ph360 Epigenetics Program

ph360 pulls data from many sciences and technologies, integrating eastern and western medicine, ancient wisdom and cutting edge discoveries.
Below is a broad overview of some of the sciences incorporated into ph360. Links will take you to more information from specialists and leaders in each of these fields.


Anthropometry is said to have started in mid-1800s when doctors were still very much in contact with ancient medicines whilst new paradigms they needed to understand were emerging. Aquilla di Giovanni, a doctor teaching at university of Bologna, created the first way of classifying people according to specific morphology. Since the 1600s, the idea of measuring and putting data together had been at the fore but it wasn’t until the 1800s that the classification of phrases, types, and evidence to back up findings came about. In 1890 di Giovanni published the text “The Morphology of Human Body” where he explained all the correlations between the structures of the body, body shapes and certain diseases. In modern anthropometry, it is known that every measurement has a specific ratio when harmony is maintained. Anthropometric measurements are thus used as markers of health and disease, not only on their own but one in relation to another.


Endocrinology studies the physiology and pathology of endocrine glands. Endocrine glands produce hormones that sustain metabolism, control sexual secondary characteristics, regulate temperature, influence behaviour, personality and mood, and many other physiological functions. Amongst most organs in the body, endocrine glands are probably the most important in relation to body shape and the quality of tissues. For example a low function of the thyroid during development, due to lack of oligo elements or essential nutrients could influence the phenotype by changing its expression independently from the genetic makeup. And the production and levels of hormones can significantly influence our thoughts, actions and behaviors.


Embryology refers to the full developmental biology throughout the full life spectrum – from “pre-womb to tomb”. It offers us specific insight into the physiological development of the human body, and the links between various organs, systems and functions. And because there are many epigenetic factors that influence our development, by understanding our specific physiology we can better understand how much our phenotype can be influenced and which epigenetic factors may be most influential.

Ancestry & Genetic Lineage

Genetic lineage has a significant influence on our ideal environment and lifestyle, and subsequent defense systems for our health. For example, a person with genetic history from England who is living in Australia will be more prone to sunburn and diseases of a hot environment. As we learn more about our dominant and recessive genes, the morphism and evolution of genetic material over time periods, and the predispositions or risks that exist based on our genotype and our surroundings, we further understand that our genes play an important role in our framework or blueprint but do not exclusively determine our future.


It has been widely accepted that human conscious activity seems to be highly related to brain cortical activity, however conscious activity has been demonstrated anecdotally with minimal or nil activity via electroencephalography. Subconscious processes refer to all physiological functions that we do not consciously influence. They are autonomic in essence but can be highly disrupted by cognitive and cortical stress. Stress patterns always correspond to a specific amount of neurotransmitters and hormones released with the obvious effect on health, physiology and disease. Stress can be induced by unsuitable habits and incorrect patterning or functioning of the brain for certain individuals, thus influencing the organism and the expression of the phenotype through stress-related conditions.

Phenotypical Traits

Our physical traits and characteristics offer deep insight into the health or dysfunction of our body. Signs such as striations in fingernails may indicate mineral deficiencies, cracked skin vitamin deficiency, finger length may indicate hormonal dominance, texture of the tongue organ dysfunction, and so on. When we are clear on what to analyse and know the correlating deficiencies or dysfunctions for these physical signs, then we are able to gain valuable information that can assist us in diagnosing or understanding the state of health of the human body.


Semeiotics studies signs and symptoms of the human body to correctly identify, collate and interpret, through diagnostics, the origin of simple or complex diseases. It can also identify the patterns of normality and therefore those conditions that could be pathologic in certain constitutions and are normal for others, such as heart rate, cholesterol, perspiration etc. For example, a sign of low heart rate could be bradycardia in a patient and normal heart function in another, this depends on the expression of genes that contribute to form a specific body type. Semiotics can offer great insight into deficiencies or dysfunctions in many systems of the body and corresponding levels of vitamins, minerals and biochemical balances or imbalances.


Emerging sciences such as nutrigenomics, and exposomics are delving deeply in the subject of how the environment and the partial introduction of it in our body in the form of food, air, water can influence cells to activate definite functions. It is obvious that certain diet types trigger inflammation genes, and others switch them on. Investigation on which molecules trigger deeper processes such as regeneration, growth, apoptosis are also investigated. Oxidation is part of the equation of disease therefore all the practices and diet types that integrate the notion of antioxidant therapy are in fact anti-aging medicines. The process of glycation is another interesting topic that requires direct reference especially when revisiting our modern diet types rich in glucose derivatives and poor in fibers.


Any organism requires a specific environment to survive or thrive. The expression of genes is triggered and associated with specific physical and biochemical stimuli. Temperature can be a trigger for functions that when decoded by genes will activate thermogenesis or heat dispersal. The function of skin pigments such as melanin also depends on how the environment, spanning generations, acted as a master control for genes that needed to adapt and produce more dark skin pigment when living at locations that induced more sun exposure.
Even living most of the day indoors or outdoors, or being part of a great family or living alone can trigger definite functions, such as oxytocin release, which may reduce anxiety and increase trust. Even your natural talents and career choices may influence certain genes to express and others to remain unexpressed.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is the study of molecular underpinnings of the process of replication, transcription, translation and cell function. It is a branch of science that investigates biological activity at the molecular level, particularly the interactions between various systems of a cell and the structure, function and regulation of proteins and nucleic acids essential to life. It overlaps with biochemistry and genetics with particular focus on DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis.
In more recent years, there has been a strong shift in interest from DNA to RNA, whose functions range from serving as a temporary working copy of DNA to actual structural and enzymatic functions, as well as a functional and structural part of the translation apparatus – the coding, decoding, regulating and expression of genes.


“Chrono” means time and “Biology” means the study of life. Chronobiology creates a lifestyle according to specific changes which are innate in your body. This means we have an internal clock and this internal clock determines the production of hormones and, when coupled with exposure to light, it creates photoperiodism. The earth rotates so there is sun at midday and when the sun goes down at 6 o’clock for example, there is no more thermal emission, no more ultraviolet and, so on. The rhythms are all driven by the fact that we are living on a sphere that rotates, and we have an internal adaptation system – our circadian clock – to try to adapt to these rhythms. The adaptation mechanism in our hypothalamus tries to predict and adapt the temporal rhythms, daily, weekly, seasonally, annually and so on, and coordinates all of our instinctual body clocks.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) refers to a broad range of medicine practices which were developed in China over a tradition of more than 2000 years and include herbal medicine, acupuncture, tui-na, qi-gong and dietary therapy. TCM is an ancient way of thinking and applying medicine concepts, which doesn’t dissociate them from life and its manifestation. More than any other system, TCM is devoted to quantifying not only the environment and its features but also how the body responds to the environment. TCM focuses on harmony between being and environment, like the seed of a plant and its soil, the rain, water quality, drainage quality, nourishments in the mineral content of the soil, passages of air in the soil, how much air there is, etc. The science of Chinese medicine is a system where everything is considered to be united and hence influences each-other.


Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic Medicine, is a system of Hindu traditional medicine of Vedic origin which is native to the Indian sub-continent. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word for life-knowledge. Literally defined, it is the compilation of the word “ayur” meaning “life” and “veda”, meaning “to know through experience”. In Ayurveda, the most important factor in determining pathology is how healthy the person is, in order to be able to defend themselves from any internal or external pathogens. Everything is based on how healthy the body is, and the health parameter to determine this measure of health is how pure or how clean the system is. As a result, a whole system for assessing the above was developed. Over thousands of years and countless experiments, Ayurveda grew to decide that most of the weaknesses in the body are caused by toxicity. The study of toxicity and how to make the body pure was one of the key components of Ayurveda – referring not only to the body, but both body and mind. The belief in Ayurveda was that achieving a pure mind was very important to achieving this state of internal coherence.

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Matt Riemann’s ph360 Story

Matt is a social entrepreneur in the fields of personalized health and future medicine. A heart-centered visionary, Matt is focused on changing the health trajectory of the human race. He orchestrates a global collaborative vision to revolutionize the concept of health as we know it and facilitate personalized, predictive and preventative health change around the world.
When Matt was in his twenties, he was a vibrant athletic young man, he cycled daily, went surfing, played hard.
Then, one morning, he woke up in excruciating pain; the kind of pain that makes you think you are dying… the doctors confirmed it. He was later diagnosed with a rare genetic auto-immune disorder that was terminal.
They told him to prepare for the worst — he would be in a wheelchair within 5 – 6 years and would die within 10 years.
He went to specialist after specialist who offered no answers.
So he took it on, traveling the world and working with the top specialists to figure out a cure. And, today, he is a vibrant, healthy man who will long exceed the “due date” of his imminent death.
Already a therapist and healer, he started to pass on his knowledge. While the procedures were complicated and his program costs were exorbitant (in the $30,000+ range), his clients had amazing results.
Over time, he found ways to reduce his cost to the thousands instead of tens of thousands.
Having personally seen more than 10,000 clients achieve amazing results, his genius kicked in – he reached out and the pattern came together that lead to the ph360 program.
This proven system now cost pennies on the dollar by comparison, yet delivers all the powerful information and customized programs you personally need to move into a level of vibrant health you didn’t know was possible.
Matt holds a Masters in Applied Human Sciences; he is a lecturer and clinical educator at several universities in Australia, and has been recognized for his passion and excellence in educating doctors, health professionals and fitness experts globally over the last 10 years.
In 2013, Matt founded the Ultimate Human Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to transform world health and assist in eliminating chronic pain and disease from the planet. Matt has founded 7 businesses in health and medicine over the last 10 years, most recently launching — the world’s first Smart Health app based on personalized epigenetics and gene expression.